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Wednesday 3rd November 7 pm AEST

This free masterclass is for you if you’re ready to Step Up, Step Out and Speak! If you’d like to speak confidently on stages, podcasts, videos, in front of your business or your team you likely know developing your speaking is the best way to share your message, grow your business and have more impact.

In this free masterclass you’ll learn:

🦋 How to speak in a way that has an impact and creates a ripple effect.
🦋 How to showcase your authentic self with confidence and without fear.
🦋 How to have powerful conversations, difficult conversations and conversation starters.
🦋 How to speak up and step out, using your voice to convey what needs to be said in a confident and empowering way.
🦋 My 3C’s in-depth which covers clarity, confidence and communication to help you to be a fearless communicator.


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The Public Speaker Ready Masterclass
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About Melanie

Melanie is an International Communication and Leadership Speaker, Best-selling Author and Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation that works with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders to step up, step out and lead with speaking and communication.

Melanie believes Communication can’t be delegated and works with clients to build Competence to create Confidence with Empowering action. Melanie’s work, have transformed her clients, companies and businesses to the next level growth and capitalisation.

Melanie is on a mission to help as many people build Competence with Communication in Organisations and Businesses around the world. Melanie has built her business here in Australia and back home in the UK and divides her time between both countries.

Melanie has developed her business and interpersonal skills working in a wide spectrum of organisations, Blue-Chip Companies, Not for Profit, Private, Government Small Businesses, both Locally, Nationally and globally.

Melanie has been featured in the World media including FOX, NBC, CBS, The Boston Herald, and NY Headline as the leading speaking coach Empowering women to have a voice in this world.