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Struggling with overwhelm and confusion to share your business story?

With the increasing online presence for businesses and organisations, it’s vital to use storytelling to share with your audience.

Stories are more memorable than the facts because stories fit our brains.

Use the storytelling structure to present us with a problem to solve. Our minds are hard-wired to want to solve problems when you present them to us in the right way. That engages us, enrols us, and takes us on the journey.

If you are struggling to share your personal or business story to engage with your audience online and in-person to supercharge your business and career?

Then this course is for you to develop and learn The 7 Key Story Pieces for your Business/Organisation with proven structures to become authentic and Confident storyteller.


Get started today and have your voice heard

What will you learn:

Discover the keys to engaging your audience when you learn to speak with clarity, ease and authenticity.

Gain clarity on your unique gifts, values and the results you can help your audience with sharing your story every time

Create your compelling story

Create your message to leave a lasting impression

Develop inner confidence and resilience

Translate the time into a satisfying ROI by emotional and financially for time and commitment for completing the online programs in this capacity.

Create your business/organisation story

Create stories for all occasions in your business/organisation

Develop your authentic self through storytelling

Business growth, economy growth with increased awareness and online presence

Mindset for change and future results for effective communication with clients, customers and prospects

Develop your authentic self through storytelling

How to empower and inspire your audience to action

The 7 Key Story Pieces to Storytelling Your Business/Organisation

Course description

This course you will learn the 7 stages of storytelling with clarity and confidence, that works to achieve a high conversion rate. How to create your business/organisation story to leave a lasting impression, create your pitch/story for Networking and Social events online or in person to engage more clients, customers and business.

The course includes:

  • Section 1 – Video 1 – Welcome and Introduction
  • Section 2 – Video 2 – The why of Storytelling
  • Section 3 – Video 3 – The 7 key story pieces
  • Section 4 – Video 4 – The 7 key story pieces of Brands
  • Section 5 – Video 5 – The 7 key story pieces for your business/organisation
  • Section 6 – How to deliver and engage your audience
  • Section 7 – Video 7 – Conclude and wrap up the course and key learnings, next steps

Each video comes with, tangible exercises, tools and strategies with structured steps that are easy to follow and implement into your business/organisation.

“Melanie from Speaking Styles was a friendly, helpful, very professional presenter.
I would highly recommend future workshops to friends.
I identified areas of improvement in my customer service with my clients. As well as relaxation techniques to improve my internal and external communication”.
Maree Delaney

Business Owner, Boutique Health

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Melanie is an International Speaker, Author, Coach and founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping individuals and teams with Public Speaking, Storytelling and Soft Skills Training.

Melanie helps People Become Authentic Speakers and Communicators to ~Empower Others ~Inspire Teams ~Change Lives.

Melanie is on a mission to help as many people find their voice in this world. She works with Solo Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers/Leaders and Individuals Passionate for Growth through her online programs, 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching/Mentoring Programs both online and face to face.

Melanie works with Blue-Chip Companies, Large Organisations and Passionate for Growth Small Businesses to build successful teams through Soft Skills Training Programs.

 Melanie believes to become an effective and authentic communicator is not reliant on technical skills alone. Mindset, Clarity and Natural Style is key to developing this lifelong skill.

Melanie supports her clients through her 7 Steps to Business Success with Confidence & Clarity Program. Which has transformed her clients to inspire change and growth in themselves, businesses and careers. Melanie has built her business here in Australia and back home in the UK and divides her time between both countries.

Melanie’s vision is to help many people find their voice with clarity and confidence to become the best versions of themselves with Authentic Storytelling and Speaking

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