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“The 18-month turnaround; how speaking up and stepping out led me to have more income and impact and create an incredible 6 fig business”

If you’re reading this, your voice is destined to be heard and I know this which is why I have invited you to this Masterclass

 Knowing that communication can’t be delegated!



Knowing how to communicate who you are, what you do and engage with your audience is important. When you know exactly how to do this and you’re supported with the steps and actions to take, the opportunities are endless:

♥ Growing your business at every opportunity because you know how to communicate the right words correctly

♥ Putting yourself forward for opportunities that connect you with your audience because you know what opportunities to chase, how to plan and prepare for them and exactly how to execute these opportunities with clarity and confidence

♥ Finally be on your way to having the income and impact you desire, with the clarity, skills, structure and confidence to lead you

Register For The 18 Month Turn Around Masterclass Where I Show You How To Build A Profitable Business Through Speaking

Wednesday 12th May at 10 am

In this Masterclass Find out how I:

Shifted my mindset around money and self-belief to add fuel to my business and personal growth

Built a reliable, profitable business, which includes the marketing, tech, systems, bookkeeping and paying myself consistently.

♥ Used speaking as a powerful vehicle to develop confidence and clarity, online and offline to grow income and impact for both me and my clients

Brought my vision of helping more people to step up, step out and lead themselves and others by creating a plan, actioning each step and being held accountable to it.

Register For The 18 Month Turn Around Masterclass Where I Show You How To Build A Profitable Business Through Speaking

Wednesday 12th May at 10 am

What others have said about working with Melanie:

For me Melanie, it’s been the simple templates I can easily fill in and then practice and improve that I’m finding I’m getting so much growth, benefit and confidence from. Also modelling you and the way you connect, care and work, right down to the voice notifications and constant support, I’ve felt like I’m in great hands and felt so at home in the little family we had as a group. Thanks to you and everyone in the course. Steve 😊

I have been privileged to work with Melanie Wood this year. And she has helped me achieve leadership skills and communication with my team that I wouldn’t have been able to have the confidence to do by myself!! Take your business to the next level 💫 work with Melanie 😊 Rose

I highly recommend working with Melanie 💕 after completing her last program I can now structure my presentation and lives in a way that educates my audience AND converts to clients! So grateful 🙏 Candice

Today I delivered a business pitch under 60 secs with clarity and confidence.. Matthew

I have absolutely loved working with you this past year 😍 🎉 You’re such a fantastic motivator and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Working with you has opened up so many doors and opportunities – including online AND in-person teaching and speaking opportunities. The strategies and structure you’ve taught me have been so valuable. Thank you for helping me to reach my full potential 🤩 I have achieved so much more than I ever anticipated for my business this year ❤ Amber

Without a doubt Melanie from Speaking Styles has been pivotal in the success of my business this year during Covid19. Without her expert tutoring and guidance I would have had a difficult time making the most of our social media buy speaking with our customer base through Facebook to make sales happen….my biggest fear of public speaking is conquered yeah🎉🎉🎉 I feel confident to do videos and live posts which in turn help create more business and recognition for my store. Thank you for enabling me to succeed Melanie 🙏😘😘 Karen

After 1 session with Melanie, this is what happened in my business:

4 new Coaching clients booked

5 new Homeopathic clients booked for this week AND 5 next week

5 Retreats bookings in last 4 days THANKS TO YOU:

Because…. they ALL said: “Once I read your bio I resonated with your story and said this woman will fix me, I need to work with you!”

No one ever even asked the price- they just signed up!

So- my elevated confidence and story and products development IS YOU!

Made $3000 in one day by sharing my story. 

❤️❤️❤️ so grateful!!!! Dee

All of these results were possible with continuing to work on their speaking using my proven methods.

Register For The 18 Month Turn Around Masterclass Where I Show You How To Build A Profitable Business Through Speaking

Wednesday 12th May at 10 am