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Communication Can’t be Delegated! 

Having your voice heard today is overwhelming and confusing for people. 

With the increasing online presence for businesses and organisations, it’s vital to be seen and heard.

Knowing how to communicate who you are and what you do to connect and engage with your audience is important. 

Empower yourself with Communication skills today. 

It’s time to Step Up, Step Out and LEAD! 



Get Started Today and Take Control Of Your Voice

The Speaking Styles Advanced Speakers Program Includes:

♥   1 x 1hr live group coaching session at the beginning of each month for speaking online and offline advice so you can create stories, message, to plan your activity and get advice on where and how you can share in the month ahead.

♥  1 x 1 hr live  Q&A at the middle of the month answering your questions so you can go through what you can be doing right now to build your speaking/business/organisation including advice on positioning yourself as the expert, improving your online presence, lead generation and attracting the right clients.

 ♥  Private Facebook Group to practice and receive feedback. 

♥   Accountability and support, for your goals and planning ahead. 

♥   Expert Tips, Tools, and Strategies

♥    Monthly Tangible Challenges to supercharge your business or career. Be accountable, take action and get some momentum

       by taking small incremental steps to raise your speaking profile and business strategies.

♥  1st and 3rd Wednesday at 6pm – 7pm (AEST) of each month = $197 (all sessions recorded)


♥ 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 10am – 11am (AEST) of each month = $197 (all sessions recorded)


After 1 session with Melanie, this is what happened in my business.
4 new Coaching clients booked
5 new Homeopathic clients booked for this week AND 5 next week
5 Retreats bookings in last 4 days THANKS TO YOU:
THEY ALL SAID, “once I read your bio I resonated with your story and said this woman will fix me I need to work with you”
No one ever even asked the price- they just signed up!
So- my elevated confidence and story and products development IS YOU!
❤️❤️❤️ so grateful!!!!!
Dee Hacking

Dr Dee - Homeopathy, Dr Dee - Homeopathy and Lifestyle Flippers

Get Into The Advanced Speakers Program Now For Just $97*

*Minimum 6 Month Membership Required To Ensure Your Ongoing Support and Accountability 

About Melanie


Melanie is an International Speaker, Author and Coach and is the Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping individuals find their voice, sharpen their speaking skills and share their message, story and ideas to Empower Inspire Change. Melanie is on a mission to help as many women find their voice in this world and shares her passion by assisting others to do the same.

Melanie believes to become an effective and authentic communicator is not reliant on technical skills alone. Mindset, Clarity and Natural Style is key to developing this lifelong skill. Melanie supports her clients through her 7 Steps to Business Success with Confidence & Clarity Program. Which has transformed her clients to inspire change and growth in themselves, businesses and careers.

Melanie has built her business here in Australia and back home in the UK and divides her time between both countries.

Melanie has developed her business and interpersonal skills working in a wide spectrum of organisations, Blue-Chip Companies, Not for Profit, Private, Government and Passionate for Growth Small Businesses, both Locally and Nationally.

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