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I liked the correlation with the caterpillar to butterfly. Telling a story. 
I shared it with a friend writing her story and short stories. I have had aspirations to be a speaker. 
I was engaged to speak about decluttering. 
Your illustration encouraged me. It reminded me of the importance of the story and emotional connection.
The presentation went well.  So, thank you. 

Stephanie Jackson

Business Owner

“Hi, Melanie!

Oh my gosh, since our conversation it’s changed so much for me and how I open up to my audience and what and how I deliver and everything

I love doing Lives now!
Thank you for your encouragement, it means so much.

I was thinking so much about how lovely our conversation was the other day and about how much fun I had. I felt like it was such a safe space to be vulnerable and at the same time, it empowered me so much! xoxoxo 🙂 

Rhiannon Day

Business Owner, Rhiannon Day - Manifestation Strategist.