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Having your voice heard today is overwhelming and confusing for people.

With the increasing online presence for businesses and organisations, it’s vital to be seen and heard.

Knowing how to communicate who you are and what you do to connect and engage with your audience is important.

Are you tired of not being heard, it’s time to be seen and heard.

If you are having trouble finding your voice and confidence to engage with your audience online and in-person to supercharge your business and career?

If you are having trouble finding your voice and confidence to engage with your audience online and in-person to supercharge your business and career? 

Then this 8-week group coaching program is for you to go from feeling overwhelmed, confused, nervous, fearful, a bit of an imposter to feeling confident, heard and make an impact with what you do. 

What will I learn? 

  • Gain Confidence and clarity to speak on camera and in person

  • Mindset for change and future results

  • Proven Structure to speak on camera and in person

  • How to use technology to communicate your message

  • Speak about your business in a way that excites and engages your prospective clients online and offline

  • How to and create powerful storytelling tools to connect with your audience

  • Discover your unique message that authentically connects you with your ideal audience online and offline

  • How to connect and engage on camera/in person with your audience

  • How to create an engaging video/live stream

  • How to use various technology for online, zoom, FB, LinkedIn etc…

  • Where to find online/offline speaking gigs


What will I take away from the program?


  • Momentum to speak online and in person

  • Weekly engaging content and videos

  • Safe Community to learn, grow and evolve

  • Ongoing private Facebook Group to practice in

  • The tools and skills for change for future results for you, your business or career.

What will the program include?

  • Month 1 – 4 x 1-1.5hr group coaching on zoom with max 10ppl

  • Month 2 2 x 1-1.5hrs group coaching on zoom

  • All session zoom recordings for lifetime access

  • Workbook

  • Private Facebook Group to practice and receive feedback

  • Community to learn and grow yourself and business/Career

  • 1 x 30min 1:1 session with Melanie

  • Post 1 x 30mins Strategy Session with Melanie

  • Q&A, discussions and networking

Do you regularly procrastinate on preparing on an upcoming talk, webinar, presentation, training, events?

A common problem people have by not knowing how and what to say or put together in a PowerPoint.

Then you sit down the day before and say to yourself ‘I should have done this 2 weeks ago” “why did I wait to the last minute I feel stress and overwhelmed.”

Guess what I use to do the same, it felt awful every time, rehearsing the day before like a robot then on the day I was exhausted, anxious, fearful and disappointment with myself for not preparing ahead of time.

Avoidance is the biggest mistake it will cause increased stress and anxiety!!

If you are spending too much time avoiding or being overwhelmed about where and how to start?

Join this 8-week program to avoid procrastination and feel supercharged in your business and career. 

Who should attend the program? 

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Presenters, Facilitators, Managers, Leaders and Passionate for Growth Individuals. 

When will it start? 

Wednesday, 7 October 2020 from 18:30-19:30 AEST and for 8 consecutive Wednesdays. 



After 1 session with Melanie, this is what happened in my business.
4 new Coaching clients booked
5 new Homeopathic clients booked for this week AND 5 next week
5 Retreats bookings in last 4 days THANKS TO YOU:
THEY ALL SAID, “once I read your bio I resonated with your story and said this woman will fix me I need to work with you”
No one ever even asked the price- they just signed up!
So- my elevated confidence and story and products development IS YOU!
❤️❤️❤️ so grateful!!!!!
Dee Hacking

Dr Dee - Homeopathy, Dr Dee - Homeopathy and Lifestyle Flippers

The Speaking Styles one day workshop is a great launching pad into confidence with your presentation ideas, story prompts and gives you the time and space to reflect and learn with others in a safe and quiet zone. I definitely recommend speaking with Melanie about when her next event is on. But it’ll serve you even better to jump on a call with her or enrol in her longer courses to really uncover your authenticity – and not some cookie cutter idea of what a good speaker does.
Kirsty Fields


About Melanie


Melanie is an International Speaker, Author, Coach and is the Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation passionate about helping individuals find their voice, sharpen their speaking skills and share their message, story and ideas to Empower Inspire Change. Melanie is on a mission to help as many women find their voice in this world and shares her passion by assisting others to do the same.

Melanie believes to become an effective and authentic communicator is not reliant on technical skills alone. Mindset, Clarity and Natural Style is key to developing this lifelong skill. Melanie supports her clients through her 7 Steps to Business Success with Confidence & Clarity Program. Which has transformed her clients to inspire change and growth in themselves, businesses and careers.

Melanie has built her business here in Australia and back home in the UK and divides her time between both countries.
Melanie has developed her business and interpersonal skills working in a wide spectrum of organisations, Blue-Chip Companies, Not for Profit, Private, Government and Passionate for Growth Small Businesses, both Locally and Nationally.