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We Empower your teams with the skills for

Collaboration, Communication, Embracing Change,

Fostering Positive Relationships, Leadership

and Emotional Intelligence

To Empower People, Inspire Teams, Change Lives

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Key Learnings

Interpersonal Skills


Compassionate Communication

Commitment & Trust

Creativity and Innovation

Change for Success

Key Outcomes

Benefits to your

Organisation with Soft Skills

The Benefits of Soft Skills Training for your Workforce

Soft skills empower your employees to collaborate and work together in order to collectively meet company goals and objectives.

In turn, this leads to improved efficiency and heightened productivity.

Here are some Key Benefits you and your team will receive:

Interpersonal and Confidence Skills
More effective communication
Stronger leadership
Improved problem solving
Enhanced creative and critical thinking
Better teamwork, efficiency, and productivity
Negotiation Skills

1. Soft Skills Program

Stage 1 - Social and Interpersonal Skills

We will EMPOWER your team with effective communication skills to:

  • Learn Effective communication
    skills and customer service experience
  • Understand how your own behaviour affects the behaviour of others
  • Develop confidence and become a problem solver

Are you ready to EMPOWER your Team with Effective Communication Skills?

Stage 2 - Collaboration and Conflict Management

We will EMPOWER your Team to CHANGE with:

  • Toolkits for successful conversations
  • Frameworks for the difficult conversations
  • Changes to behaviours towards conflict.
  • Engage your team to collaborate

Are you ready to EMPOWER your TEAM to CHANGE?

Stage 3 - Creative Thinking and Innovation

We will INSPIRE your team to:

  • Increase creativity and innovation in the business to increase revenue.
  • Develop creative techniques and encouraging creativity in a team to engage productively.
  • Individual creativity and how to get creative
  • Developing the right environment for creativity

Are you ready to INSPIRE your TEAM?

2. Building Emergent Leaders Program

Stage 4 - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

We will EMPOWER your team to:

  • Learn to lead and improve individual performance, resulting in better outcomes in a range of areas within your business.
  • Learn how emotions influence thinking, behaviour, performance, decision-making and results.
  • The business impact of Emotional Intelligence

Are you ready to EMPOWER your team today?

Stage 5 - Fostering Positive Relationships

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE your team with Communication to:

  • Understand how building relationships can help you develop your business base.
  • Tools to focus on your customer
  • How to win friends and influence people
  • Identify the key elements in strong working relationships
  • Learn how to apply communication techniques to build your network.

Are you ready to EMPOWER your team with communication?

Stage 6 -Embracing Change

We will EMPOWER your TEAM for any CHANGE in the BUSINESS with:

  • How to respond to change and implementing strategies.
  • Identifying the cost and benefit to the Business.
  • Planning for change Empowering your employees
  • Building resiliency in teams for a change.

Are you ready to implement CHANGES?

3. Additional Rising Leaders Program

Stage 7 - Promote on Camera

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE you and your team to:

  • Develop confidence and skills on camera
  • Develop Live Social Media content and skills
  • Learn communication and storytelling strategies for on live videos
  • Learn body language and voice skills for the camera

Are you ready to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, CHANGE?

Stage 8 - Present in Front of an Audience

We will EMPOWER you and your teams to:

  • Learn to structure presentations
  • Build your confidence to be a great speaker
  • Learn effective gestures and body language
  • Learn how to deliver impactful presentations and workshops

Are you ready to EMPOWER, INSPIRE and CHANGE your teams for future success?

Stage 9 - Pitch your Business Story

We will EMPOWER and INSPIRE you and to:

  • Learn Storytelling for intrigue, attention and increase business
  • Learn how to start off strong to capture your audience
  • Identify the Problem you are solving and key benefits
  • Develop a call to action

Are you ready to be EMPOWERED  today?

“Melanie was fantastic, very warm and engaging. Definitely helped me with my communication, negotiation skills and how to build stronger relationships.” Rio Tinto Team Member

“A great workshop that tailored exercises to be directly useful in workplace situations.” Rio Tinto – Team Member

“Great friendly presenter with activities that are great and practical to the workplace with relevancy to my role” Rio Tinto -Team Member

“How to deal with conflict, hard situations, negotiation skills. More training would be great” Rio Tinto Team Member

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